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How to ask the right question to get a useful answer

How to ask the right question to get a useful answer

When asking a question, you need to understand that the answer to it depends on how completely and clearly it is asked, so complete and useful the answer will be, so you need to follow a few simple rules:

The answers to the question you asked posted on the site are only indirectly related to the real situation you described. You may not have included some of the circumstances of this case in the description, distorted some, and finally, some circumstances may have been completely unknown to you. Answers are given only on the basis of the facts you provide. They may be true in relation to the abstract situation you described, but since the real situation may not correspond to it, they should be applied only after a careful study of all the circumstances of the case.

Take your time - read the detailed Instructions for posting questions. This will save you time in the future.

So, the actual instructions:

  1. Before asking your question, check to see if it has already been answered.
    Over the years of operation of the site, it has accumulated several thousand questions to which there are already answers. To get started, simply review the questions and answers. In the desired category, or use the site search - even if you do not find the answer to your question, you can formulate it better by reading similar questions and their answers.
  2. The title should reflect the meaning of the question.
    Headings like: “hello”, “what to do”, “help”, “article XX” are completely useless and do not evoke a desire to respond.

    The correct title should look something like this: “How to install Dle correctly?”, or “How to display registration in a modal window?”.

  3. The description of the issue must be consistent and specific.

  4. The question itself should be as specific as the title.
    It makes no sense to write: “what is dle?” That's right: “which CMS should I use?”

    Before you post a question, read it out loud. Is the meaning of the question clear? If necessary, correct and supplement the text.

  5. Check your spelling and write correctly.
    Texts written without the use of capital letters, punctuation marks and spaces are very difficult to read. Type all text, incl. the title, in capital letters alone, is considered obscene on the Internet.

The easiest way is to first write the text of your question in any text editor, check the spelling and punctuation, and only after that copy the checked text from the text editor and paste it into the required form field on the site.

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